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2020: Associated’s Year in Review

2020: Associated’s Year in Review

December 31, 2020

A tumultuous year has drawn to a close. 2020 provided an unexpected journey full of doubt and immeasurable loss. Yet, despite the uncertainty, the entire Associated family worked together to keep our doors open while continuing to exceed our clients’ goals and grow our operations. Let us review some of this year’s highlights:

1) Firm Success—Associated navigated through the volatility brought on by the pandemic with calm assertiveness. Our consistent interaction with our clients and quick adaptation to the “new normal” allowed Associated to lessen worries and establish highly effective work patterns. As a result, the firm’s Assets under Management and client roster surpassed all expectations, a trend we plan on maintaining in the coming year.


2) Adding to the Team—Even as we mourned the loss of our longtime partner of 35 years, Marc Weiss, Associated added a new group of talented professionals including Shawn Wooden, financial advisor and former Dolphins safety; Travis Ruane, financial advisor and retirement specialist; and Logan Mondshein, Employee Benefits Practice Leader, in addition to expanding our staff.


3) WellCents Partnership—2021 will mark an important shift towards understanding the impact financial wellness has on workers and a company’s bottom line. Recognizing this, Associated announced its partnership with WellCents, a comprehensive worksite platform focused on helping company employees achieve financial wellness. As part of Associated’s diverse menu of services, corporate clients now have access to this powerful tool that will engage its employees on a personalized level and create a holistic sense of financial accountability across the workplace.


4) Media Reimagined—Business practices across industries changed due to the pandemic, outreach efforts included. Throughout 2020, Associated generated engaging video and written content with several target audiences in mind including Think Tank Tuesdays and A Cup of Coffee with Associated; national coverage interviews with well-known names such as AJ Vaynerchuk; and blog posts concerning highly-discussed topics like college athletes’ newfound ability to profit from their Name, Image, and Likeness.


As we enter 2021, Associated remains committed to offering the same unparalleled financial and investor services established over our 40+ year history and persevere through the realities of the current health crisis with the hope that this new year will bring a renewed sense of stability around the world and a greater appreciation for what truly matters.