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Making WellCents of Financial Wellness

Making WellCents of Financial Wellness

December 17, 2020

Associated Investor Services (“Associated”) proudly announces its partnership with WellCents, a comprehensive worksite platform focused on exceeding the financial wellness goals of a company’s employees. 2021 will prove a pivotal year for employers taking greater responsibility for their workers’ financial well-being. To do so effectively, Associated now offers its corporate clients access to WellCents as part of its services.

WellCents proactively seeks to educate employees on making sound decisions and inspiring them towards financial confidence. The platform engages workers on a consistent basis through personalized texts, emails, and social media posts along with group sessions and one-on-one consultations based on benchmarked action plans. As a true “end-to-end” solution, WellCents takes a holistic snapshot of an employee’s economic standing and provides highly tailored reports that integrate their priorities with current employer benefits. Focusing on heightened personalization, real-time data, and clear communication allows WellCents to generate an environment of financial accountability throughout the workplace, which, in turn, improves productivity, adds value, and increases the bottom line.

Financial wellness will become an integral part of your business operations in the new year and beyond. Let Associated and WellCents be your guide.

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