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Vision Insurance

Vision coverage covers vision care, and is one of the voluntary benefit options commonly offered through employers. Obtaining vision insurance is a way to make sure you can continue enjoying good health as well as the sights around you. When you have vision insurance, you pay a premium and the insurance company will cover part or all of the cost for vision care.

Why Should I Have Vision Insurance?

According to Gallup, approximately 70 percent of adult Americans report wearing some type of corrective lenses. A visit with your eye doctor can determine whether you need corrective lenses and, if so, the correct prescription. Other eye concerns that will be addressed in an eye exam include checking for conditions or diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts, which can lead to vision loss. Regular eye exams can also identify overall health concerns, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and risk of heart disease or stroke before you are even aware of any symptoms.

Vision insurance generally provides coverage for basic care and eyewear. Most vision plans will cover the following services:

• Annual or biannual eye exams, including dilation

• Eyeglass frames

• Eyeglass lenses

• Contact lenses

Most plans will place limits on their coverage for eyewear. For example, a plan might cover a new set of eyeglass lenses once a year, eyeglass frames once every two years and contact lenses once a year. Many plans will further limit coverage to either eyeglasses or contact lenses during a plan year. Plans vary, so make sure you read your benefit information carefully.

Under the Affordable Care Act, pediatric vision care is considered an essential health benefit. This means that vision coverage must be available for children under the age of 19. The ACA does not consider vision care an essential health benefit for adults, so vision care is not mandatory for individuals 19 years and older. Unlike medical insurance, there will be no penalty for not purchasing vision insurance.

If you decide that the vision insurance offered through your employer-sponsored group plan does not adequately fill your personal needs, we can help! If you are interested in hearing more about your options, or have questions relating to other insurance or employee benefits, please feel free to reach out to the professionals at Associated Financial Consultants, an Associated Group company at 954-983-5600.