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Retirement Plan Design

Not all retirement plans are created equal. Effective plan design can result in more effective allocation of employer dollars, enhanced benefits for highly compensated employees, and greater plan participation rates by your employees.

Associated Financial Consultants will help evaluate your company’s goals for your plan and suggest possible modifications to your plan structure—along with the pros and cons of each, and the potential costs.

Defined Contribution Plans
Roth 401k
Profit Sharing Plans
(Social Security Integrated, Age Weighted, New Comparability)

Defined Benefit Plans
Traditional Defined Benefit Plan
Cash Balance Plan
Cross Tested
ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan)

Small-Business Plan
Simple IRA

Non-Profit Government Entity
403b Plan
457 Deferred Comp Plan

Non-Qualified Retirement Plans
Executive Bonus
SERP Plans
Split Dollar
Rabbi Trust
Section 79