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Meet Associated

Paul J. Vladem

CPA/PFS, Partner

Steven Fraidstern

CLU, ChFC, Partner

Marc H. Weiss

RHU, Partner 


Our firm is pleased to announce that Steven Fraidstern and Associated Financial Investor Services were recognized by The Financial Times and Plan Adviser Magazine for their outstanding work in the 401(k) Industry.


One Year Later...

Exactly one year ago today, I was recovering in the hospital after a surgical procedure to remove my right kidney. Although it was a challenging recovery, I am extremely fortunate today to feel good, fully recovered and seemingly healthy.

With anew energy, and no life alerting changes, I’m truly excited to announce an invigorating change to the firm…

My son, Evan Vladem, is joining me at Associated Group.

With over a decade of invaluable experience within the sports industry and in business, Evan will be expanding upon his career to take on new challenges with our team.

I wish all of you the best - here’s to new life,

Please take some time to read the announcement he penned on the move:

Evan Vladem LinkedIn Announcement

Paul J Vladem