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Investment Services

Investment Services and Wealth Accumulation Strategies

The professionals at Associated Investor Services, Inc. provide the proper tools to strategically position wealth through financial services.

We evaluate the continuously changing investment climate to help you strategically position your portfolio. 

Investment Services: Clients have access to a broad range of investment services, coordinated with the client’s particular needs, risk tolerance and investment objectives.

We provide a variety of flexible & straight forward strategies tailored to our client’s goals and needs. We provide fee-based* and/or commission-based platforms for planning and financial services. Regardless of your needs, we can help you design a plan that is appropriate for you, your family and/or your business.

  • Brokerage Services**
  • Advisory Services*
  • Third-Party Money Managers*
  • Comprehensive Financial & Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning Guidance

*Through Investacorp Advisory Services

**Through National Financial Services, LLC/Fidelity

Advisory Services*

We provide advisory programs that offer a level of investment sophistication and ongoing oversight typically reserved for large institutional pension plans and high net worth individuals. We provide advisory programs that provide managed, diversified portfolios to help address a wide range of wealth management and investment objectives.

Certain programs provide for a third-party portfolio management firm to serve as the portfolio manager, constructing an asset allocation strategy and selecting appropriate investment strategies for each component of the portfolios. The goal is to help develop a series of integrated portfolios, consisting of what we believe to be one of the best combinations for your investment plan.

Strategies include multi-style advisory accounts designed to address a wide range of investor objectives. With the help of your financial advisor, you choose which of the multiple investment objective models is best suited to your financial goals and circumstances. Your advisor and third-party asset managers work as a team to:

  • Determine the asset allocation mix best suited to each objective model
  • Select appropriate money manager and/or investment vehicles based on disciplined due diligence for each component of the asset allocation mix.
  • Monitor the portfolio for tax efficiency, overlap and sector concentration
  • Rebalance the portfolio on a periodic basis to keep it aligned with the desired investment objective, risk tolerance and changing market conditions.

We can help you manage your account as a single unified portfolio, or as separate portfolios, depending on your needs. Certain accounts provide periodic rebalancing, while others may intentionally avoid such rebalancing. To help determine an appropriate asset allocation mix, our experienced investment team analyzes the types of economic, social, and political events or other trends, including economic shifts and global valuations, political events, social phenomena {like the impact of the Baby Boom generation on various industries}, movements in interest rates, employment rates, and the rate of inflation.

*Advisory services offered through Investacorp Advisory Services

Investment Services Platforms

We believe that the oversight of a financial advisor with a holistic view of your investment plan and a disciplined management approach may help you to achieve your long-term financial goals.

Clients have access to online account viewing, monthly statements, and summary performance reports. We encourage clients to meet with us regularly to review their account performance, their goals, and to evaluate any life changes that may require modifications to the investment style and approach.

Comprehensive Financial and Retirement Planning

Implementing a financial plan can help to make your retirement a success. Our approach to financial planning seeks to balance your financial concerns with your financial goals.

Today retirees face issues never faced by previous generations, presenting historically unique circumstances and questions as to how to best prepare for the future.

As life expectancies increase, so does the risk of outliving your assets. Even though you may be on track to retire when you desire, there are a number of factors such as inflation, health care costs, investment performance and appropriate withdrawal rates that a financial advisor can help you with as you develop a financial plan.

We employ sophisticated technology tools, a host of investment planning resources, and the collective wisdom of our experienced team of advisors to provide you with a unique and comprehensive approach to financial and retirement planning.

Estate Planning Guidance

If you plan properly, save and employ a variety of appropriate financial tools, you may be able to provide your family with a legacy and peace of mind.

There are many components to estate planning, including minimizing estate and gift taxes, avoiding or reducing the burden of the probate process, consideration of generation skipping transfers, implementation and incorporation of insurance techniques, lifetime gifting to the younger generation, charitable trusts, family trusts, and so much more.

We work with the appropriate advisors, including but not limited to estate planning attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, family trustees, and personal representatives in order to help implement the plan you desire.

We are familiar with and work regularly with sophisticated planning techniques, including charitable trusts, grantor trusts, family limited partnerships, and more.