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Employee Wellness Programs

A major trend coming out of the Coronavirus pandemic is a greater emphasis on employees’ financial wellness. Employers now recognize that a working salary is not a financial cure all. Rather, employees need 1) a consistent level of financial education and planning and 2) an in-depth understanding of the valuable benefits companies offer but are often underutilized.

As a result, Associated is proud to offer access to WellCents as part of our corporate client services. WellCents is a comprehensive worksite platform focused on exceeding an employee’s financial wellness goals. WellCents proactively seeks to educate employees on making sound decisions and inspiring them toward financial confidence. A true “end-to-end” solution, WellCents takes a holistic snapshot of an employee’s economic standing and provides highly tailored reports that integrate their priorities with current employer benefits.

Let Associated and WellCents help your company make financial wellness an integral part of your business operations this year and beyond.

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Unlocking the Treasures to Financial Wellness

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