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Paul & Evan Vladem Featured in Notable Financial Publication, Barron's

Paul & Evan Vladem Featured in Notable Financial Publication, Barron's

February 22, 2022

Earlier this month, Paul and Evan Vladem we're featured in the notable financial publication, Barron's. The article, "Should Financial Advisors Mix Family and Business?", highlighted a handful of advisors throughout the country who work with their son or daughter at the practice. The story explored the dynamics of the unique business situation. 

Evan honestly told the publication that, “The benefits outweigh the challenges, but there have been rough spots." 

Evan joined his father at Asssociated Investor Services about five years ago. 

“My father is very meticulous and can keep pushing and pushing and sometimes I get aggravated. But when I step back, the light goes on and I say, ‘So that’s why he did it,’” Evan added. 

The story also explained that Evan, along with three younger partners (Shawn Wooden, Travis Ruane and Logan Mondshein), took 25% ownership of the firm this year - with the remaining equity being split between Paul and Steve Fraidstern.

“We complement each other,” Paul told Barron's, speaking of Evan. “And Evan has proven himself to other partners and clients. I just turned 70 and love what I do, but eventually Evan and the other younger partners will take over.”

You can read the full story: HERE´╗┐