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Associated’s Wooden Making Impact on Financial Literacy for Local Students

Associated’s Wooden Making Impact on Financial Literacy for Local Students

September 22, 2021

Financial literacy courses for students in Florida is not required, but an Associated appearance at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Sr. High in Miami was step in the right direction.

Associated’s Shawn Wooden and Evan Vladem joined CPA Stuart Rohtantiner, sports agent Julianne Dinda and other financial professionals during a real-world financial education session for students.

The group aimed to educate students on basic financial concepts, such as budgeting, saving and investing. Because of the speakers’ backgrounds within sports and finance, and relatability for 11th grade students, they used notable professional athlete’s spending and savings habits as examples throughout their presentation. Wooden, who was a NFL athlete for 9 years before becoming an advisor, answered questions from students during a Q&A before closing out the event.

“The hope is, we came in and made an impact on how these students think about money. Changing that mindset all starts with education,” Wooden said.

Wooden, a former Miami Dolphins player, also regularly speaks with Miami Dolphins rookies on his experience and importance of financial intelligence.

Rohtantiner has been hosting similar financial literacy programs at various South Florida schools for over six years. He plans to seek signatures for a letter to petition the legislature to make financial education a mandatory component of the curriculum of all high schools in Florida.

The appearance received recognition by ABC’s local news affiliate WPLG: