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A Sea of Impact: #AssociatedCares Beach Cleanup Ends in Success

A Sea of Impact: #AssociatedCares Beach Cleanup Ends in Success

November 21, 2023

Associated is delighted to announce the overwhelming success of our recent beach cleanup event in collaboration with One Beautiful World, Inc. This event, held on Saturday, November 18th, brought together the Associated team, our partners, staff, and their families for a day of service, community, and environmental stewardship.

Making Waves: The Recap 

Under the banner of the #AssociatedCares campaign, we gathered at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park in Fort Lauderdale for a morning of impactful service. With our team of volunteers arriving early to participate in the cleanup efforts, connect with nature, and contribute to a cleaner environment.

The beach cleanup event was not only a testament to our commitment to community engagement but also an opportunity to nurture a sense of responsibility for our planet. Participants worked together to make a positive impact on our local community.

A Token of Appreciation: A Donation to One Beautiful World

As a part of the event, Associated made a donation to One Beautiful World, Inc., the nonprofit partner that shares our commitment to fostering cultural awareness, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. The donation supports One Beautiful World's ongoing efforts to enhance the physical, educational, character development of children and to improve the environment.

"We are thrilled by the success of the #AssociatedCares beach cleanup event and are grateful for the enthusiastic participation of our team, partners, staff, and their families," said Evan Vladem, partner and financial advisor at Associated Financial Consultants & Investor Services. "The event not only strengthened our sense of community but also allowed us to contribute  to the well-being of our local environment."

Continuing the Journey: #AssociatedCares

The success of the vent marks the beginning of a continued commitment to community service and engagement under the #AssociatedCares campaign. We invite our community and partners to stay connected and follow our journey on social media using the hashtag #AssociatedCares.