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For Athletes & Entertainers

Associated brings an experienced financial team to athletes and entertainers with a deep history in sports. Over the years, the firm has worked with illustrious coaches, players, professional sports teams, commentators and trainers across the country.

Working with athletes and entertainers as their financial partners, Associated gives clients the stress-free ability to concentrate on what they do best. The goal of the firm is to plan, protect and grow the client’s assets and to build a legacy for future generations to come.

In 2017, Associated launched AIS Sports after sports industry veteran Evan Vladem joined the firm. Prior to teaming with Associated, Evan worked at the global sports marketing agency, rEvolution, in Chicago. In addition, Evan served in roles with the NFL, MLB, NCAA and Arena Football League.

In 2018, Associated's in-house CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Luana Mobley Corral, was designated as a NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor.

Luana is 1 of only 6 advisors invited to join the NFLPA's 2019-2020 Strategic Planning Committee.


  • Plan & Design- Designing a long-term plan to help you grow and distribute your wealth requires a comprehensive review of your financial situation, goals and objectives, risks and investment preferences.
    • Phase 1: Imagining your future sets the stage for an open, often exploratory discussion about what’s important to you and how you’ve managed your financial life in the past. This qualitative review of your financial situation will help us prioritize the goals and objectives we define in the next phase.
    • Phase 2: Planning for the future you’ve imagined leads to a more formal, quantitative evaluation of all aspects of your financial life including; personal assets & liabilities, income & expenses, risks potentially impacting your goals, and your investment preferences. 
  • Implementation & Growth - Once we’ve discussed your future and designed a plan, we will begin the implementation and management phases.
    • Phase 3: Acting on your plan can vary depending on your current situation, tax implications, the asset management firms we’ve selected, and your priorities. We will deliver a step-by-step action plan to guide you through the process. 
    • Phase 4: Managing your plan also entails different activities depending on the breadth and depth of your financial situation. We will work with you to outline an ongoing financial management strategy to ensure we’re tracking progress towards your financial plan. 


  • Professional Athlete & Entertainers Disability Insurance - Unique and customizable; high limit coverage for professional athletes and entertainers to financially protect against temporary and/or permanent disabilities. Insurance provided by plan includes and is not limited to:
    • Loss of Future Earnings
    • Contract Completion
    • Loss of Endorsements
    • Cost of Agents/Managers


  • Endorsement & Appearance Positioning – Provided as an added value to financial services, Associated will work with our partners to identify, pitch, develop and secure potential endorsement deals that fit for both the athlete and the brand.
  • Public Relations – Provided as an added value to financial services, Associated will work hand-and-hand with the athlete and entertainer, and our partners, with an active public relations strategy, including on-air appearances, story development and damage control.
  • Branding & Marketing Services – As an added value, this service includes individual brand development, social media strategy, partnerships in tandem with our partners.
  • Non-Profit & Charitable Partnerships – As an added value and working with our partners, this service identifies the most authentic charitable foundations to support to increase exposure, build character and to give back to the community.

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